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OPTICS: An Introduction

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Let’s start this blog with a painfully honest confession: I am historically awful when it comes to self-promotion. This might come across as odd, especially since I spend a majority of my time marketing on behalf of other businesses, but the truth is that I do not practice what I preach to my clients. Instead, as a career photographer for over 13 years and a digital marketer for at least five, I have leaned on personal connections, word of mouth, and old fashioned networking to squeak out a decent living. While these methods are fine and dandy, I owe it to myself to do better. And if you’re reading this, you probably do too.

So this blog is one cog in the wheel of shameless self-promotion (we’re staying honest, right?). And if you’re going to keep reading then let’s start with a quick primer as to who the hell I am, which in short is this: an independent LA-based photographer specializing in architectural, food & beverage, lifestyle and event photography. I’m also the co-founder of Craft Media Solutions, a digital marketing agency assisting bars, breweries, and restaurants with services like social media management, brand building, website design and the like.

These two paths (photographer and marketer) dance around each other and often interact, which I hope gives me something interesting to talk about. At the root of it all is a simple concept that optics matters, hence the name of this blog. I hope to discuss visual story telling through quality content, the ideas of using narrative and brand aesthetics to move your business forward, and God knows what else should come to mind. I’ll also just show off pretty pictures because sometimes that’s all we really want out of a photographer.

So welcome to the blog, take a look around the rest of the website (which is a constant work in progress that never receives the attention it deserves), and reach out if you feel inclined. I’d rather talk with you than at you. Cheers.